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Gold lettering / silver lettering / design printers ~ Revolutionary printers capable of professional metallic printing, on-demand, and at low cost ~ Original messages or designs on “Foil Studio” special gifts and ribbons, names or logos on stationary.
This is a revolutionary printer capable of printing letters or designs using gold, silver, or colorful metallic foil. Beautiful finishing is achieved without any unevenness on the print surface. We offer a wide variety of printing styles printed with variety of colors.

Ribbons/curved surfaces Foil Studio for ribbon ~ Decorative printing on ribbons and curved or spherical surfaces ~

Brilliant metallic gold and silver ribbon printing! Chic direct thermal printing.

This revolutionary printer can print original messages or design patterns on ribbon using colorful gold or silver metallic foil. Thermal printing without foil is also possible. Golf clubs, rackets, balls, pencils or pens can be personalized with characters or patterns by printing on retransferable foil.(*)

*Retransfer kit (option) required.

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Flat surfaces Foil Studio Pro ~ Metallic, hologram printing on flat surfaces ~

Striking metallic, hologram printing! Print on labels, clear files, letters or book covers.

The Foil Studio Pro can print metallic characters or designs on clear files and thesis or report covers using gold, silver, or colorful metallic color foil. It can make tickets, discount coupons, or name cards more original with printed holograms, and create unique novelties by printing on organizers, calendars or plates in only the quantity you need. This printer is also perfect for printing at exhibition halls or galleries.

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