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PR Series Foil Studio for Ribbon

Why not send a gift with glittery message on the ribbon?

Original messages or designs for gifts or ribbons

Using direct thermal printing (printing without foil), messages, store names, phone numbers and so on can be printed onto ribbon.

Name printing and logos on curved, spherical surfaces

Flat foil|Beautiful finish

Foil Studio for Ribbon is a printer that prints metallic foil on satin ribbons with heat transfer.

Printed letters glimmer gently and are soft to the touch.
Names or messages can be directly printed onto ribbon.

(*) We recommend SHINDO polyester satin ribbon. Contact us ( for details.
Send us a sample, and we’ll do a test print.

Foil Studio for ribbon FOIL STUDIO PR1100

Foil Studio for Ribbon FOIL STUDIO PR1100

~Standard model~

This portable model can handle both metallic foil and direct thermal printing. Why not send a gift with glittery message printed on ribbon with gold or silver lettering? With direct thermal printing, a method involving only heat transfer, messages or designs can also be printed on ribbon without foil.
The stand for the machine can also be used as a handle for carrying.

*This model takes up very little space, allowing it to be placed in wrapping areas or exhibition booths to respond to
*The handle is moveable, and can be used as a handle when carrying around, or as a stand when set up for printing.
*By printing onto retransferable foil and using a hand heat roller (option) or pad printer (option), names can also be printed
   on curved or spherical surfaces.
*Equipped with take-up reel for used ribbon.
*Installation space: 292(W)mm×240(D)mm
*Weight: 4 kg
→Click here for specifications.

Transfer foil production

When a retransferable foil is set instead of satin ribbons, this printer can also produce transfer foils.

Images can be transferred onto curved or spherical surfaces such as golf clubs, rackets, or balls by using a hand heat roller (option) or a pad printer (option).

Transfer with pad printer

Transfer with heat roller

Direct thermal printing

Using direct thermal printing (print without foil), messages are printed weakly.

General Specifications PR500D PR500 PR1100
Printing method Direct thermal method Direct thermal or heat transfer method
Printing resolution 300dpi
Max. printing speed 50mm/sec
Max. decorative ribbon
setting width
6 to 25 mm (recommended: 30 m SHINDO satin ribbon reels)
Software operating
Windows XP, Vista, 7 (Use with other operating systems has not been verified.)
Interface USB connection
Power supply AC adapter used, 100 to 240 V, 50/60Hz (compatible with all standards)
Max. power consumption 60W
Foil types N/A Metallic foil, hologram foil, colored foil, heat transfer ribbon
Foil size N/A 29(W) mm, 60(L) m 29(W) mm, 120(L) m
External dimensions
(width, depth, height)
230×180×200mm 292×145×300mm
Weight 4.95kg 4kg

*There are some media on which printing is not possible. Please contact us for details.
   We can do test prints if you send us your media samples.

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